For The Love Of Hockey...

If anyone would like me to make them a post I would be honored to do it. Message me with what you would like written and I’ll make it. There is one thing, I really don’t want post along the lines of “OMGGG HOCKEY PLAYERS ARE SOOOO HOTTTT!!!<3”. Those kind of things kill me, unless of course you can come up with a tasteful/hilarious way of saying that. 

Did you write your description yourself because it is amazing from Anonymous

I really wish I could answer yes to this question, but alas I cannot take credit for those amazing words. A man named CHAD HERMANN wrote it in 2009 I believe. He is a really gifted writer, as you know from my description, I absolutely love his description of hockey in ‘There’s Still Something About Hockey’ every time I read it, it leaves me pretty much breathless.